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Learn, progress, experience and develop with the cello lessons from The Cello Corner - the Suzuki cello studio in London providing tuition for children and adults, designed to develop confidence, ensemble empathy and critical thinking skills as well as insight and control over the musical elements and heightened tachnical ability.

Suzuki Cello Lessons in London

We believe that all children can learn, and we teach from a young age. The age of 4 is ideal for a child to be introduced to music and to an instrument, and our lessons and classes have been carefully designed to see them progress quickly and confidently.

Parents are very much a part of the experience in all our cello lessons in London; learning, playing and practising the instrument alongside their children.

Our individual cello lessons in London will also be supplemented with group lessons or cello classes, depending on the particular teaching program.

Interactive, fun and sociable, our group cello classes are a great way for children to learn. Greatly improving a child's listening ability and furthering their capacity to play in ensembles, the classes offer them the stimulation and motivation to progress - children also learn a lot by watching, and seeing other children playing the cello greatly contributes to their appreciation of - and desire to play - music.


The Cello Corner works in collaboration with The Suzuki Hub in Hackney: www.suzukihub.com




Classes for adults

We've also developed a cello teaching program specifically for adults.


We often find that the parents of our cello students want to try playing the cello as well - so whether you're a complete beginner or want to pick up lessons from where you left off, we have classes designed just for you.


About us

With a relaxed and informal approach, our teachers provide cello lessons that are sensitive to the needs and requirements of each student, drawing from their many years' experience in both performance and teaching.


Located in Hackney, Kensal Rise and Islington we hold at least one concert each year, which proves to be both motivational and stimulating. We always encourage the students to participate and help them in preparation for the concerts in our lessons throughout the year.


Take a look at some of the pictures taken from our most recent performances in our online photo gallery.


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The Cello Corner



The Cello Corner is now working in collobaration with the Suzuki Hub in Hackney.


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