Chamber Music

Susanne Beer with soloists of the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Glinka, Trio Pathétique for piano, violin and cello with Anthony Ingham,  Martin Gwilym-Jones and Susanne Beer.

Chamber music and solo:

For Susanne Beer's discography click here.


Naturally, we are very keen to get our students to play chamber music!

Even the young children get involved in playing duos, trios, and quartets.


For every concert 'The Cello Corner' puts on we put together one or two chamber music groups. 


Students are expected to take part in chamber music courses during the summer. For info on chamber music courses have a look at Musical Chairs website.

There are also competitions to aim for like the BBC Young MusicianParkhouse Award for example or the Saint Martin's Chamber Music Competition 


Competitions are often frowned upon in the métier of music and for some students, it might not be the right thing to do. However, in the right context, competitions can be a great stimulator and very motivating. When students advance to the next round or even win a prize, it gives them a great confidence boost. The prize usually includes the opportunity to perform in a prestigious venue where the students normally would not be able to perform and a beautiful venue with great acoustic is the best reward anybody could wish for. 

Winning a competition also opens the doors to getting an agent and helping the students along the career as chamber music ensemble.


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