Senior / Advanced Level  

Lessons are offered to students of an advanced level. Students who are planning to do their diploma, are preparing to audition for music college or are auditioning for (professional) orchestras.

Help with orchestra repertoire is given as well as solo repertoire and chamber music.  

Kaisersaal in the Residenz Munich

Competitions are often frowned upon in the métier of music and for some students, it might not be the right thing to do. However, in the right context, competitions can be a great stimulator and very motivating. When students advance to the next round or even win a prize, it gives them a great confidence boost. Winning a competition usually includes the opportunity to perform in a prestigious venue where the student normally would not be able to perform. The final round always takes place in a beautiful venue with great acoustic and involves playing a concerto accompanied by an orchestra.

Winning a competition also opens the doors to getting an agent and helping the student along the career as a musician.

Competitions to aim for are for example the BBC Young Musician or the  Parkhouse Award.

Master Classes:

Students should take part in master classes during the holidays. Travelling to a different country and having master classes with a renowned teacher and performer will make the student develop and grow in a short amount of time.

For cello courses and master classes check Musical Chairs.

Master Class with William Pleeth in 1993