Holly Cullen-Davies teaches musicianship at 'The Cello Corner'

We love musicianship.


There is often a misconception that learning with the Suzuki method means that children don't read music and don't know about the theory of music.

This is only true for the very young children, aged two and three.


In the Suzuki, method children start learning to play an instrument ideally from the age of three years, based on the mother tongue approach. At this age children typically don't read or write yet in general. This is the reason why also our three-year-olds don't read music yet.


At the age of four, however, when they are halfway through the first book, they do start reading music.


We use 'I can Read Music' by Joanna Martin. It is a very good book as it separates pitch and rhythm. We also use Sassmannshaus and Vamoosh.


Later, once the child starts to play in other positions than just the first position we use 'Position Pieces' by Rick Mooney. The children enjoy playing this book as it contains quizzes which helps them understand and memorize the geography on the cello and the duos for two cellos can be sight read, every chapter concentrating on one new position.


We also integrate musicianship into our group lessons as we are of the opinion that it makes learning new pieces easier and makes the whole concept of music clearer.

Musicianship takes place on Fridays as part of the group lessons at Christ Church, Highbury in the Angel Room.


We use 'Hey Presto! Music Theory for Cellists'.

For the younger children (4-5 years old) we use Theory Made Easy For Little Children.


Aural training is considered very important. It starts of course right at the beginning as the Suzuki method is based on a very sophisticated ear training.


You can find where to buy the books here.


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