Learning with the Suzuki method requests to become a member of either the BSI (British Suzuki Institute) or the LSG (London Suzuki Group). This membership is obligatory and offers the child a wide range of holiday classes, workshops, and events. 

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(To sign up go to http://londonsuzukigroup.co.uk/membership/ or call 020 3176 4170.) You can pay by direct debit or PayPal.

'The Cello Corner' is a music school, using the Suzuki method to teach the cello and musicianship/music theory.


All teachers are professional performers, current or former members of high profile orchestras or ensembles (for more info please click on the 'Orchestra Studies' or 'Chamber Music' page) and teach or have been teaching at institutions like the Royal Academy or the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Teaching methods:

Our teachers teach with the Suzuki method.

The Suzuki method is used for children but also for adults as it has proven to bring very good results.

Children who learn with the Suzuki method not only have a one-to-one lesson per week but also have to attend group cello lessons on a regular basis once a week.

Adults who learn with the Suzuki method don't have to attend group lessons but can choose to take part in two different groups per month and get to perform at the group concerts.


Grades / Suzuki Graduations:

Our Suzuki teachers prepare children for Suzuki graduations which happen once a year as well as grade examinations on request. Our Suzuki teachers are happy to prepare a child for grade 5 and grade 8 (grade 5 and 8 are necessary for certain schools or universities).



Cello Hire:

The student has to own a cello before he can start the lessons. We recommend hiring a cello from 'Stringers'.



Concerts take place four times year, solo concerts at Christmas and in the summer and two group concerts in the autumn and in spring.



Practice Routine:

The student is expected to practice every day of the week.

10 minutes every day are more productive and effective than one hour three times a week.

In the Suzuki method the parent, who will attend every lesson of his / her child in order to take notes, is the "home teacher" once they have left the teaching studio.

(By keeping your cello unpacked in a corner of the room which is set up for your practice, it is much easier to keep the momentum going and get a practice in during the day than if the cello is packed away and it takes you too long to set yourself up for a practice session.)




The cello lessons begin with the observation of other individual lessons or group lessons. An observation period on a regular (weekly) basis of up to one term is obligatory and gives the parent the necessary insight into the method, making it possible for the parent to understand what the Suzuki method offers and gives the child a chance to work out what it is all about and what is expected once the individual lessons start.





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