Susanne Beer: 1967-2019

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Susanne Beer and The Cello Corner 


After a 20 year career as the co-principal cellist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Susanne Beer decided to fully dedicate herself to teaching the growing number of her students. She had been the cello section mentor for the 'Future First' student scheme at the London Philharmonic Orchestra for many years and taught periodically at the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, having been invited to give workshops and teach classes. She was also invited to give masterclasses in Spain, the USA, the UK and Japan. That was when she realised she needed more time in order to give her students the support she felt was necessary.


When her first students, whom she had been teaching from the very start, started to turn into very fine musicians who were able not only to give performances with great musical maturity enabled by an excellent technique but who also started to win competitions and auditions due to the ease which an early training provides, she realised that she wanted to be the one who would nurture the very young, letting them grow correctly from the very start.


"There is nothing more rewarding than watching a young person develop in the right way from the very start and turn into a musician with the technique, the sound and the musical understanding which, once internalised by learning from the teacher, then develops into the student's very own."

Susanne Beer


"My students inspire me and as much as they take from me they also give it back to me. That's why I love my work as a teacher. I have learned so much over the last 30 years, performing all over the world and playing with world-class musicians, and it is very fulfilling to be able to pass all my experience on to my own students."

Susanne Beer




Jane Hardstaff, Children's Book’s Author and TV Producer:
"Susanne is a fantastic cello teacher. Since our daughter began lessons with Susanne, her cello playing and enthusiasm for music has really blossomed. We feel very lucky to have found a teacher who combines such beautiful playing with inspirational teaching. Susanne cares deeply about the child and the music, making a real connection with our daughter that has encouraged her to make a beautiful sound with her cello while navigating her way through some challenging pieces. Cello lessons are the highlight of our week. Our daughter always comes out humming - a sure sign that she is happy."

Chris Demetriou, Executive Managing Director/ Shareholder, Emba Media Associates:

"Susanne is a very talented and gifted musician. She has a wealth of experience that transcends music genres and helps others to appreciate her unique art form. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to expand their horizons and explore their creativity."



Charles Kaye:

Director, World Orchestra for Peace; Sir Georg Solti's Executive Administrator for 20 years:

"Susanne Beer has been an integral player and member of the World Orchestra for Peace for over 10 years. As cellist and section leader she is amongst the finest in the world. She is a consummate musician and I am happy to offer her an unqualified reference."

Salzburg / Austria


Jacqui Compton, Tour Manager

"Susanne is an intelligent and thoughtful, talented musician. She has good interpersonal skills which serve her well as both a member of an orchestra and as a teacher of the cello."



Katherine Rees:

"Having not played for several years, Susanne has re-awakened my passion for playing the cello with her positive and enthusiastic manner. She is incredibly patient and clearly loves what she does. I feel very lucky to have found her, thank you, Susanne!"



Elen Kelly:

"Susanne is very passionate about inspiring her pupils. Consequently, my daughter (12 years old) has become very dedicated to her instrument. Susanne is also technically thorough and makes the most of every minute of the lessons to enable her students to achieve excellence."

Crouch End


Rachel Cooke:

"Susanne inspired my son to play the cello when he was 2 years old - he is now 22 and still loves to play! I cannot think of a better teacher to start off your child with the cello. Susi is a great teacher and performer."




Saby Siddiqi:

"Our daughter, aged 9, has recently begun private cello lessons with Susanne at 'The Cello Corner'. She has made incredible progress in such a short space of time. Her previous teacher was unable to bring the best out of her- however, since we switched teachers, our daughter can't stop playing the cello and tells us how excellent and fun her new teacher is. We are so pleased with Susanne and would thoroughly recommend 'The Cello Corner' to anyone looking for a cello teacher for their child."

Stoke Newington



Pauline Morgan:

"Susanne is a world-class performer of technical brilliance and astute musical sensitivity. She is an enthusiastic communicator when it comes to new composition as well as being an imaginative interpreter of more traditional works. As a cello teacher, Susanne is focused, engaged, full of insight and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend her to any established musician or beginner."



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