Adult Lessons


We've also developed a cello teaching program specifically for adults.

(Adult learners do not have to become members of the LSG or BSI).


We often find that the parents of our young cello students want to try playing the cello as well - so whether you're a complete beginner or want to pick up lessons from where you left off, we have classes designed just for you.


We don't offer "taster lessons" as such but since we know that it is important that the chemistry between teacher and student is good and the student is happy with his choice, we offer the possibility of observing other student's lessons.

Once you have had enough opportunity to do your research and you are happy and ready to sign up, we advise every student to really go through the logistics of his daily life and make sure that he or she actually has enough time for practice.


For a successful start there are three points which need to be considered:

1) You need to set a goal

2) You need a good plan

3) You need to follow it through


Lesson attendance should be regular and practice should be on a daily basis (10 minutes a day are worth more than one hour three times a week).


Adults receive one lesson per week on a one-to-one basis.


We also offer 2 adult group lessons per month where learned repertoire will be reviewed, re-enforced and consolidated and also new repertoire. i.e. ensemble pieces and other chamber music will be worked on.


Adults also often take part in our group concerts together with the younger students, which has turned out to be very popular.

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