Individual Lessons- Complemented by Obligatory Group Lessons

Individual lessons take place from Monday until Friday from 7am - 7.30pm.

There are no classes at weekends.

Individual cello lessons take place once a week. We work on bow technique, sound (tonalization- a word invented by Dr. Suzuki), intonation and general musicianship. 

An individual cello lesson lasts between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, depending on age and concentration span of the student.


All individual lessons are open to oberservers. Observation is crucial for being able to establish when a child is ready to start with the lessons. The teacher will let you know in advance whether you will have an observer in your lesson. 


It is crucial for the parent of a child who wants to learn the cello to find out what the Suzuki method is about and what it entails, what the parent is expected to do and contribute and whether the parent is ready for the commitment.


It is important for a child to watch other children's lessons before they start with their own lessons as they can see and learn what is expected from the student, how the lessons work and what they have to do at home in order to progress. 


And last but not least it is neccessary for the teacher to observe the child over a certain amount of time in order to know when the child is "ready" and whether the parent has understood the principles of the method.


The relationship between parent / child / teacher is important and called "The Suzuki Triangle".


Learning with the Suzuki method requests to become a member of either the BSI (British Suzuki Institute) or the LSG (London Suzuki Group). This membership is obligatory and has to be in place before the first lesson (after the observation period). It offers the child a wide range of holiday classes, workshops and events. (To sign up go to: or call 020 3176 4170.) You can pay by direct bedit or paypal.


“In twenty years of teaching the Suzuki method, I have never met a student who had not learned the notes to the piece he or she was working on. I have, however, met many, many students, who had learned the notes and bowings to their pieces but who had not learned to hold the instrument and bow properly, to produce a beautiful full sound on their instruments, or to play in tune.

My concern is that some teachers and students are spending valuable lesson and practice time learning how to play the notes and bowings of pieces, leaving no time for refining the skills necessary for artistic performance of the piece after it is learned.”

Edward Kreitman

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