Group Times / Location

Group lessons - Timetable:   every Friday


7.45am young group 

5pm-6.30pm advanced group




Christ Church Highbury

155 Highbury Grove

London N5 1SA




179 Offord Road

London N1 1LR


Please note group lessons are only available together with weekly one-to-one lessons. Group lessons are as important as individual lessons.


Concerts are part of the teaching program and children are expected to be there for every concert unless there is an emergency.


For more on the group, lessons click here


Occasional absence from a group lesson is only granted after arrangements being made with the teacher.


We use a Steinway grand piano and have piano accompaniment for all of our group lessons.


Please note that while the group lessons take place at Christ Church, Highbury the one-to-one lessons take place at the studio on Offord Road. You will have to visit two different locations per week.



For the lessons, especially the group lessons absolute punctuality is expected.


For a group class or any rehearsal the student needs to arrive 10-15 minutes before the group lesson/rehearsal is due to start.

Getting ready, setting the cello stool and spike holder up, putting rosin on the bow and especially tuning the cello takes up 10 -15 minutes, especially when the strings have gone down (which happens to small cellos often).


Once the group lessons have started the teacher cannot stop the class for a latecomer as it would be too disruptive.

Unlike coming late to school where a latecomer can slip in, sit down at his / her designated place and join into the lesson, in a cello group the teacher would need to find space for the latecomer to sit (everybody would have to move around again to make room), sort out the spike holder and tune the cello.


Apart from those preparations the group would have already warmed up and the latecomer would have missed that part and also interrupted the process.


In order to be respectful towards the other students/parents it is paramount to be on time.

Where to find us:

The Cello Corner: 


Studio 1 (one-to-one lessons and chamber music):

Offord Road

London N1 



Studio 2 (group lessons):

Highbury Grove

London N5 1SA


Phone: +44 758 1003426


Or use our contact form.

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