Pre Twinkle

The Pre- Twinkle Book:


Important aspects:


Check Points prior to practice:


Place of Practice:        -Atmosphere (quiet, still)

Parents:                      -Discipline, Routine

Parents/ Teacher:       -Using the cello AND music

Teacher:                      -Giving a good example (posture, sound)

Parents/ Child:            -Observation

Child:                           -listening to CD


Three elements:          -Individual Lesson

  -Group Lesson



Important aspects:      -Coordination

                                    -Breathing (incorporate singing)

                                    -Body awareness

                                    -Movement Control


                                    -From big motion to small motion (body, cello, bow)




The lessons start off with learning how to sit. Sitting tall with feet placed firmly on the ground is essential to playing the cello. Games and exercises to reinforce good posture are necessary.



Introducing the right hand with pizzicato (using the weight of the arm).

Introducing the left hand with simple exercises like "hopping" or "sliding". 


Introducing the bow only after ca. 5 weeks of lessons.


Knowing the Repertoire:

Before the child starts to play any of the Book 1 pieces, it has to know the pieces by heart and must be able to sing them. Sound, tempo and character of each piece have to be internalized. That requires listening to the CD every day.


Additional Exercises and Games:

  • Toys and props can be useful but can also distract the child
  • Singing is an important part of the lesson. It helps to educate the ear.
  • Repetition is the key to ability
  • Accomplishing the perfect bow hold
  • Movement and dance, body percussion
  • Use the child’s imagination = character and atmosphere of the piece
  • Use visual aids (i.e. sandwich or colours for structure)



Where to find us:

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