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The Philosophy: 

What differentiates the Suzuki method from the traditional method:


-Every child can

-Observation before starting your own lessons (observing individual lessons as well as group lessons)

-Training the aural (mother tongue approach)

-Triangle (Child- Teacher- Parent)

-Group lessons (social aspect!)

-Starting at a very young age (ideally 3 years)

-Standardised repertoire

-Group lessons to complement the individual lessons

-Reading will be introduced when the child is ready



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I teach the cello with the Suzuki method to children from the age of three or four years.


Parent and child need to attend and observe lessons and group lessons of my other students for one term. That gives the child as well as the parent the opportunity to observe and learn how the Suzuki method works.

Without this observation period, it usually takes the child and the parent a whole term to work out how the system works and understand what is going on. Also, the parent needs time to understand by watching the lessons of progressed students what is involved and what his / her task will be in the future.


The observation period helps the teacher to find out whether the student/parent is ready for learning the cello with everything it entails. 


Before embarking on a journey with the Suzuki method, the parent needs to read the books 'Nurtured By Love' and 'Ability Development From Age of Zero' by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. This will give a good insight into the teaching with the Suzuki method.


Once the decision is taken to start with the cello lessons, the parent has to know that he/she is fully involved in this process. The parent is expected to be present at every lesson and to take notes about what is being worked on during the cello lesson.


Once at home, the parent is the "home teacher", who practices with the child. Children of a very young age are not able to practice efficiently on their own.

During the lesson, the parent will also get a chance to try things out on a full-sized cello in order to be able to understand what the child is experiencing.


Learning with the Suzuki method means that you will also take part in a weekly group lesson, which teaches the child musicianship and ensemble play. The social aspect is also a big part of the group session.


Learning with the Suzuki method requests to become a member of either the BSI (British Suzuki Institute) or the LSG (London Suzuki Group). This membership is obligatory and offers the child a wide range of holiday classes, workshops, and events. To become a member go to http://londonsuzukigroup.co.uk/membership/ or call: 020 3176 4170.

You can pay by direct debit or PayPal.



If you are interested in cello lessons please email us on suzuki@thecellocorner.co.uk or call 07581003426.


Please check our Terms and Conditions.


Please don't wait until your child is five years old! 

The process (observation and parent introduction) should start when your child is two years old.


Please account for an extra delay before your child can start to have lessons:

1) There is an observation period of a term before your child can start with its own lessons.

2) The cello lessons start with the parent taking cello lessons for at least 6 weeks before the child can start (the parent does not need to continue with the lessons after the 6 week period.)


Generally, parents sign their children up when they turn 1.5 years. There isn't always space available straight away and you lose valuable time due to the observation period and your own lessons which are necessary.

By signing up early you will secure your space and you be able to start your child up at the right age.

Please note: we can not accept children over the age of five as beginners.


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Suzuki Book
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