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The London Philharmonic Orchestra

We offer lessons (orchestra studies) to college/university students, who are seeking to become professional cellists in a professional orchestra.

Susanne Beer who has been the co-principal cellist in the London Philharmonic Orchestra for almost 20 years, offers intensive preparation for orchestra auditions.

Having worked with many orchestras as guest principal and having sat on numerous audition panels over the years, she has plenty of experience and knows what is required, the crucial points of doing an audition for an orchestra, how to handle the trial period and most importantly: how to prepare efficiently in order to deliver the highest standard of performance in those few minutes of auditioning.


Photo- Patrick Harrison Susanne Beer-former co principal cellist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra (from 1995- 2012)


"I have seen many candidates failing orchestra auditions because they didn't have any experience how to handle it. Playing an orchestra audition has nothing to do with playing a concert or even an audition for a scholarship or competition. You have literally 10 seconds to give your first impression and to show what kind of player you are. If nerves come in the middle of it you have lost the game. Auditioning needs to be practiced. In my opinion, most teachers concentrate too much on concertos and solo repertoire, neglecting the orchestral excerpts. However, the excerpts in an orchestra audition are more important even than the concertos. It is extremely challenging to play an excerpt out of context with no other players joining you. I have made it my destiny to help students, who are looking for an orchestra job and give them the preparation they need."

Susanne Beer




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Symphony No 9 from the New World, 2nd movement,

performed by Gareth Hancock, Pieter Schoeman and Susanne Beer





Recording with Gareth Hancock in

Abbey Road Studios




World Orchestra for Peace, founded by Sir Georg Solti and now conducted by Valerie Gergiev



WOP in 2007 with Wagner, Tannhauser




Solti's Vision- The World Orchestra for Peace




WOP with Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony (1st mov.)




Concert with LPO and Gennady Rozhdestvensky 




Music from Walt Disney's:

Bernard Herrmann and The London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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