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Pretwinkle Practice Videos:





Practice Videos for the first steps:

These videos can only be watched by students of 'The Cello Corner' with a password.
For practice with pre twinklers (beginners):
Pre Twinkle - Stage 1:
Cello Song
Pop goes 
Bobby Shaftoe
Incy Wincy
Up like a Rocket
The Wheels on the Bus
Bow Exercises
Mouse Song
Pre Twinkle - Stage 2:

"Feet on the Ground"

My Mouse House

Where is Thumbkin

French Folk Song (air bowing)

Monkey Song

The Cuckoo

The Wheels on the Bus

Cello Song

Hello, my Name is Joe

Witches' Brew

Double Trouble

Casting a Spell

Pre Twinkle - Stage 2a:
Good Luck Song
Incy Wincy Spider (extended practice session)
Pre Twinkle - Good Luck Song:
Good Luck Song- advanced version
Group Pieces - Pow Wow Song and Cup Song:
Pow- Wow (cello group)
Cup Song (cello group)

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