Accessories for the Cello

Bow grip to help the thumb to stay bendy:Mengler Cello Bow Grip:

The String Zone

Hold Fish- Bowing aid:

A little device to help the student with his or her now hold, available on 'Caswell's'

The Hold Fish pinky support is part of the Bow Hold Buddie accessory. The accessories train the hand to hold the bow correctly and naturally, through muscle memory, thereby freeing the player to learn and enjoy other elements of string playing. Although it comes as part of the set, the Hold Fish is also available here on its own. The accessory securely slides along the stick, to rest next to ring finger. This placement allows for the points of contact of the index and pinky fingers to be equidistant to that of the thumb.

For more details on what the ‘frog frog’ part of the Bow Hold Buddie does, please visit here.

A good quality rosin. Best choice: Andrea rosin:

Please make sure you buy 'Andrea Rosin' as it is the only rosin which has a proper grip.

Do not waste your money on cheaper rosins which fail to deliver!

Get it at Caswell's 

All you need for your child's cello practice:


The 'Cellini' cello stool is specially designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of cellists from three years old to adult.


The Junior stool has an adjustable range of 28cm-45cm and is upholstered with 100% Italian leather.


Please phone us for more information on 020 7224 9099.

We also use the foldable Minimax chair (16 or 18,5 inch) available from Ebay (Safrut). You may need to order this chair as the producer makes them by hand and therefore only produces a small number of chairs each time.

These chair are very practical as you can fold them up (see picture) and carry them like a small bag.

You will also soon be able to buy those chairs at Stringers.

This stool is for adults only: The Tom and Jerry - The Wild Bunch is available at

A spike holder for you cello. Best choice: a simple wooden spike holder:

Cello spike holder

Together with your cello stool you need a spike holder (see picture above.). This spike holder you can order on the ALANGREGORY website.

Instead of inserting two chair legs into the loops simply tie the loops together and place the spike holder around your chair.

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