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We recommend to purchase your instrument from 'Stringers' (http://www.stringersmusic.com/enquiries.html):

Stringers in London

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England, UK

T: +44 (0) 20 7224 9099 
F: +44 (0) 20 7727 4338 
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Opening Hours
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Cello Chair: essential for learning the cello

Mini-Max is the perfect cello stool. You can collaps it into a small "shoulder bag" and take it easily on the bus or on the bicycle to your group lesson / concert.

Since every Suzuki cello parent is obliged to bring their own cello chair this is the perfect solution. 

You can get it at ebay.

Together with your Mini-Max cello chair, you need a spike holder (see picture above.). This spike holder you can order on the ALANGREGORY website.

Instead of inserting two chair legs into the loops simply tie the loops together and place the spike holder around your chair.

Please make sure you buy 'Andrea Rosin' as it is the only rosin which has a proper grip.

Do not waste your money on cheaper rosins which fail to deliver!

Get it at Caswell's or at 'Stringers'

Another couple of tips:

The thumb sure grip is very useful as it makes the bow hold a lot easier. It acts as a cushion for the thumb, therefore the thumb feels more comfortable and prevents the thumb from slipping.

You can order it online at Caswell's or buy it at 'Stringers'.



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