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The Bow

For Susanne Beer


Draw your bow across the strings

A life of resonance, attuned

To the perfect pitch, the tonal warmth

The dedication of each note

Towards the arc, the span

The bridge, the build

Held taut

Held golden at the height of phrase.




You were never one for the mundane

The mediocre, the half-felt reach

Your studio a haven: precision and passion

Command in equal measure.

He moves through choppy waters

With your conviction in his sails

The wind of your teaching never falters;

For this gift, you demand

Unwavering concentration

From his small soul.

The first time he plays with an orchestra

He says: The cello is my best friend.

This you have in common – 

You would rather speak

Through the purity of music.




Draw your bow across the strings

I saw your cello standing silent

In the corner of the room

You’d wanted someone to write

A comedy about your fate – 

The music therapist arriving

Pushing a cart of tambourines,

Too cruel for comedy is what

We thought, but never said.

They came to play for you alone

Your living room a music salon

Hosted with a steady flow

Of vintage champagne

Celebrating your happy years

For there would be no tomorrow.




You wore a silvered dress of blue

Ignored the thorn of the hospital bed

Regaled instead your friends gathered

Like disciples around your chair

An unseen force

Flicked champagne

Over your quietened arm

The canvas of your silvered dress

And we are the standing cup

And you are the ship on the slipway.




Draw your bow across the strings

Intensify vibrato until the heavens ring

With sonorous lament

Fully extend your arm for that last note

Do not lift the bow from the strings

Do not break the spell you’ve cast

Hold the ending

Hold the descent into darkness.




And when the darkness comes

It will be the tideline of your childhood

The nightfall of solace and repose

A time to flow with the shadow

Drift away from pain and sorrow

Draw your bow across

The silvered waters of the night.

Carmen Karuse



Parent, The Cello Corner, January 2020:

My girls just loved Susi. They were great buddies too and had fun and a laugh.  Whenever they saw her they were trying harder and were more focused - Susi gave and gave and gave, way beyond anything imaginable, and most of all treated her students as smaller cellists, not children. They were musicians: musicians who told stories and stirred emotions: the concerts were great concerts, (albeit a little longer than expected on occasions!) with really polished performances and polished shoes! Pride in all things, and the kids were rightly proud of themselves. But the most effort and enthusiasm and energy came from Susi herself and I will never forget the enormous gift she has given our family. Not only our family but the family of all of her cello students- so many of whom are now great cello buddies. 



Parent, The Cello Corner, January 2020:

There was a term in cello group called “the cello panic.” It was this massive stress you would feel to get your kids to group at 3:45 when school ends at 3:30. Or a 7:30am lesson in the dark in January. Or a Concert with the right equipment, clothes, shoes, child ready to play their piece flawlessly. And honestly you panicked, not because you did not, as an adult, want to get in trouble - but actually because you knew that Susi was giving just as much if not more then you, To get the concert, the group, the lesson, to be the best experience for your child. Every group was expertly delivered, every concert a tour de force. She gave these kids everything and treated them all like they were worth it, like they were deserving of this much work, and in the end it might not have felt like love, but that’s what it was to me and my children, my family. 



Parent, The Cello Corner, January 2020:

Susi taught my children with great passion and commitment to excellence and never questioned their ability to achieve high.  She was the gale wind in their sails.  Her weekly lessons were filled with laughter and cheeky remarks, she had a great connection with the kids and her enthusiasm was infectious. My children adored her and had the greatest respect for her. She went above and beyond her normal responsibilities as a teacher. Whenever someone had an audition or concert, she would put in a lot of extra hours to help them be their best. After a concert she would sit with my son and analyse his performance on the video recording.  She was profoundly inspirational. We will always be very proud to have had her in our lives.  



Jane Hardstaff, Children's Book’s Author and TV Producer:
"Susanne is a fantastic cello teacher. Since our daughter began lessons with Susanne, her cello playing and enthusiasm for music has really blossomed. We feel very lucky to have found a teacher who combines such beautiful playing with inspirational teaching. Susanne cares deeply about the child and the music, making a real connection with our daughter that has encouraged her to make a beautiful sound with her cello while navigating her way through some challenging pieces. Cello lessons are the highlight of our week. Our daughter always comes out humming - a sure sign that she is happy."

Chris Demetriou, Executive Managing Director/ Shareholder, Emba Media Associates:

"Susanne is a very talented and gifted musician. She has a wealth of experience that transcends music genres and helps others to appreciate her unique art form. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to expand their horizons and explore their creativity."



Charles Kaye:

Director, World Orchestra for Peace; Sir Georg Solti's Executive Administrator for 20 years:

"Susanne Beer has been an integral player and member of the World Orchestra for Peace for over 10 years. As cellist and section leader she is amongst the finest in the world. She is a consummate musician and I am happy to offer her an unqualified reference."

Salzburg / Austria


Jacqui Compton, Tour Manager

"Susanne is an intelligent and thoughtful, talented musician. She has good interpersonal skills which serve her well as both a member of an orchestra and as a teacher of the cello."



Katherine Rees:

"Having not played for several years, Susanne has re-awakened my passion for playing the cello with her positive and enthusiastic manner. She is incredibly patient and clearly loves what she does. I feel very lucky to have found her, thank you, Susanne!"



Elen Kelly:

"Susanne is very passionate about inspiring her pupils. Consequently, my daughter (12 years old) has become very dedicated to her instrument. Susanne is also technically thorough and makes the most of every minute of the lessons to enable her students to achieve excellence."

Crouch End


Rachel Cooke:

"Susanne inspired my son to play the cello when he was 2 years old - he is now 22 and still loves to play! I cannot think of a better teacher to start off your child with the cello. Susi is a great teacher and performer."




Saby Siddiqi:

"Our daughter, aged 9, has recently begun private cello lessons with Susanne at 'The Cello Corner'. She has made incredible progress in such a short space of time. Her previous teacher was unable to bring the best out of her- however, since we switched teachers, our daughter can't stop playing the cello and tells us how excellent and fun her new teacher is. We are so pleased with Susanne and would thoroughly recommend 'The Cello Corner' to anyone looking for a cello teacher for their child."

Stoke Newington



Pauline Morgan:

"Susanne is a world-class performer of technical brilliance and astute musical sensitivity. She is an enthusiastic communicator when it comes to new composition as well as being an imaginative interpreter of more traditional works. As a cello teacher, Susanne is focused, engaged, full of insight and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend her to any established musician or beginner."



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