The Suzuki Cello Lessons- individual lessons complemented with group lessons

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Learning with the Suzuki method requests to become a member of either the BSI (British Suzuki Institute) or the LSG (London Suzuki Group). This membership is obligatory and has to be in place before the first lesson (after the observation period). It offers the child a wide range of holiday classes, workshops and events. (To sign up go to: or call 020 3176 4170.) You can pay by direct bedit or paypal.



Process of first year learning the cello:


  • Observation of one term, depending on child: group lessons, then one-to-one lessons
  • The cello lessons start with the parent taking cello lessons for at least 6 weeks before the child can start (the parent does not need to continue with the lessons after the 6 week period.)
  • At least first 2 lessons without cello: working on set-up, rhythm and pitch. Teacher assesses whether child is ready to start cello lessons.
  • Books to be read before the first lesson: 'Nurtured by Love', 'Ability Development from Age Zero'
  • Film: Nurtured by Love 
  • Parent needs to think about their own work schedule: how to fit in daily practice with child plus 2 lessons per week (one-to-one and group lesson)
  • It has to be the same parent who attends the one-to-one lesson
  • 4 concerts per year (participation expected)
  • After first term of lessons: regrouping with parent to discuss routine of practice (it takes about one term for parent and child to settle into the new routine)
  • After 6 months: practice routine should be settled
  • After one year: reassessment[i] of progress and development A certain standard should have been developed

[i] Reassessment means a decision to be taken by teacher on continuation of lessons based on progress to date.

Location of cello teachers / cello lessons / cello classes:


Studio 1:

Offord Road

Islington N1


Studio 2:

Christ Church Highbury



We are the new cello studio for very young children and their parents. Children can start to have cello lessons at any time from the age of three. Their parents will be very much involved and the process will be a special quality and bonding time between parent and child. 

Our cello teachers offer individual cello lessons, which, depending on the teaching program, will be supplemented with group lessons or cello classes. We recommend cello classes for children as it is not only very sociable and fun but the children also can learn a lot by watching other children playing the cello. Making music together motivates and furthers ensemble playing. We integrate lots of games in our curriculum and are always aware of the individual needs of our little cello students.


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The Pre- Twinkle Book:


We often experience that the parents of our little cello students want to try playing the cello as well. Therefore we have created a program, which is specifically designed for adults, who either used to play the cello in their childhood and want to take it up again or who are adult-beginners. Adults also can learn with the Suzuki method.


We also welcome adults who don't have children learning with us. Beginners, intermediate or advanced cello students can apply.


We always try to get our cello students involved with chamber music and provide piano accompaniment. A cello teacher will lead the ensemble and if needed a accompanist will be present as well.

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Where to find us:

The Cello Corner


Offord Road


London N1 



Phone: +44 758 1003426


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