Finding the Right Instrument

Finding the right instrument is as crucial for a young cellist / beginner as it is for an experienced performer. Playing an instrument of quality and which is set up well will make the cellist's life easier and more enjoyable. A sound which the player likes will inspire and motivate. Especially parents who are new to buying an instrument for their child find themselves often going to a shop and simply buying what the shop has in stock at that moment. It is important to try out a few instruments before committing to buying one.


By trying out several instruments the player can gather experience and knowledge of what sound he or she likes, the feel of the cello, the stop (size of the fingerboard) and what level of quality can be expected for the price the buyer wants to spend.


There are several shops in London where cellos of high quality can be found:

Neizert & Bridgewood in Stoke Newington

Stringers in St John's Wood

Tom Woods in Covent Garden 

Florian Leonard in Hampstead

Guivier at Oxford Circus

John & Arthur Beare at Oxford Circus