Suzuki Book 2 Teacher Performance

 Mussette by J.S.Bach:

Musette, French, c. 1730-1740 (V&A)

The musette is an indoor cousin of the pastoral bagpipe. Its popularity among the French aristocracy from c.1650 to 1750 was part of their idealisation of the countryside. It was a costly and refinedinstrument, typically made from ivory or ebony with silverkeys and its bag enclosed in a richly decorated silk or velvet cover. Its keywork reached a high level of sophistication when most other woodwind instruments had only three or four keys.

This is a Musette playing. It's an instrument similar to a bagpipe. Have a look and listen to the charcter and sound of this instrument. Then try and use this idea for Bach's Musette:

The Two Grenadiers by Schumann: originally written for voice:

The Two Grenadiers and Gavotte by Gossec: