Instrument Bank

The Susanne Beer Cello Corner Foundation Instrument Bank largely consists of  Susanne Beer's personal collection of cellos and bows. Susanne made these available to her students in order to give them the best possible chance in their musical endeavours and now the collection is loaned out to talented young cellists.   


We hope to expand our collection and we are fundraising for the purchase of new instruments and bows. We also very much welcome donations or loans to expand the collection. Please be in touch if you have a stringed instrument or bow that might be able to support a young musician.


Fine Cellos

4/4 Lockey Hill Cello, ca.1780

In use, by Elizaveta Lessoun


Susanne's much-loved cello and jewel of the collection. It's a petite but beautiful sounding and looking cello. She plays it in her many videos, which you can find in the section 'About Susanne Beer.' 


Lockey Hill (1756 – 1810)

Second generation violin maker of the celebrated Hill dynasty of English luthiers, Lockey Hill (1756–1810) was the fifth son of Joseph Hill I (1715–1784).

3/4 Parisian Cello, C18th

In Use


3/4 Old German Cello - Available


1/2 French Fine Cello, Mirecourt, ca.1880 - In Use


1/4 Antique Cello - Available

Student Level Cellos

4/4 Student level - Available

3/4 Stentor II - In Use

3/4 Stringers Cello - In Use

3/4 Jay Haide Cello - In Use

1/4 Stentor II - Available

Cello Bows

4/4 Cello Bow: Jerzy Maslanka - In Use

1/2 Cello Bow: Brazilian permambucco by March Raposo

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