Graduation Pieces

Suzuki Graduation Pieces:

Level 1: Minuet 2 (Bach)

Level 2: Bourée (Handel)

Level 3: Scherzo (Webster)

Level 4: Sonata in C, 1st mvt. (Breval)

Level 5: Danse Rustique (Squire)

Level 6: Rondo (Breval)

Level 7: Gavotte (Popper)

Level 8: Elegie (Fourée)

Level 9: Sonata (Sammartini)

Level 10: Haydn Concerto in C or Boccherini Concerto


Parents, who want their child to be taught by the Suzuki method, can opt for the Suzuki graduation. The children work their way up from book 1 to book 10. Completion of a book does not mean that the child has graduated from this book. The teacher will determine when the child is ready for graduation. Every book has one graduation piece (see list above), which the child will record with piano accompaniment. The recording will then be sent to the British Suzuki Institute, where a panel of cello teachers will listen to it. If the panel feels that the child has reached the required maturity in its performance, the child will be rewarded with a graduation certificate and invited to play at the graduation concert (usually taking place in St John Smith's Square).

The Suzuki method is highly recommended for very young children and requires cello classes next to the regular individual cello lessons.

Please note that being taught with the Suzuki method requires you to become a member of the British Suzuki Institute.

To become a member please visit:

"I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart."
Dr.Shinichi Suzuki

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