Why LSG (London Suzuki Group) Membership?

The London Suzuki Group is an organization, consisting of all the Suzuki teachers in London.

The teachers organize various kinds of events, from workshops and courses over concerts to lecture talks. All this and other developments are discussed and progressed in conferences and meetings.


LSG events are subsidized: free play-togethers in London and solo performance platforms as well as group festivals.

Other events are the graduation concerts, which usually take place at St John Smith's Square, and the National Children Workshop, which used to take place in the Royal College of Music until recently, and now takes place at Trinity College Greenwich.


The LSG also provides a bursary scheme, which helps families with several siblings learning an instrument or families which are challenged financially.


Being part of this community and having this unique network support requires being a member.


It is also possible to only be a member of the BSI (British Suzuki Institute). 

The BSI membership covers some of the workshops but the registration fee is higher.

It does not allow taking part in LSG concerts such as Cadogan Hall, the autumn groups festival or the solo performance platform series.


Where to find us:

The Cello Corner: 


Studio 1 (one-to-one lessons and chamber music):

Offord Road

London N1 



Studio 2 (group lessons):

Highbury Grove

London N5 1SA


Phone: +44 758 1003426


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