Why LSG (London Suzuki Group) Membership?

The London Suzuki Group is us, the teachers. All the teachers who give up their time, mostly unpaid, to make events happen and collaborate to continously develop our teaching practices for the benefit of the children and families. 
We attend meetings, conferences and events at least four times per term unpaid in order that we can continue this tradition of collaboration and shared experience for the children, their siblings and their parents. 

That is what Suzuki method is.


LSG events are subsidised - there are free play togethers in London and there is a free solo performance platform at a good venue every term (Performance Platforms happened at prestigious venues like the The Royal Academy in the past).

The groups festival in the autumn is free for performers with a very low ticket price. This concert is most definitely subsidised. The book 1 bonanza, piano early stages workshop, and Angela East's Pimlico Cello Workshop are all discounted for LSG members by up to 30% and as such are subsidised by the LSG to a degree.


Our annual Graduation Concerts usually take place at St John Smith's Square and the National Children Workshop, which took place in the Royal College of Music until recenty, now takes place at Trinity Collage Greenwich.


The LSG also has a very well established bursary scheme which helps dozens of families access the quality teaching and community experience (this fund is not taken from the subscriptions but is financed through a separate charitable fund). Families in receipt of bursaries receive a reduction in the membership fee. The bursaries are organised by a bursary committee (another unpaid and time consuming job). 


Organising workshops and concerts is an enormous task administratively and is also prohibitively expensive. We the teachers subsidise them by giving up our time for free. If we were all paid an hourly rate for the time we put into organising and running these things the membership and ticket prices would be a lot higher. 


This is an important issue for 'The Cello Corner' to address - how much everyone values the network of teachers and families who learn with the Suzuki method and our shared events and how much everyone feels that is an integral part of our teaching and the success of our students. 
For us at 'The Cello Corner' it is essential.


It is also possible to only be a member of the BSI (British Suzuki Institute). The LSG membership includes that.  
The BSI membership covers some of the workshops, including the Pimlico Workshop in June, but the registration fee is higher. It does not allow taking part in LSG concerts such as Cadogan Hall, the autumn groups festival or the solo performance platform series.
It does cover graduations and any other national events just not the London ones. 


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